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A neo4j Editor

We developed neo4j explorer to easily create, update and delete nodes and relationships in neo4j databases. While neo4j comes with a very nice web console called „neo4j Browser“ to execute Cypher queries and graph visualization, it is not very easy to manipulate data in business usage scenarios.

Just imagine a support case where you have to manually change a property value on a certain node: You have to type out a cypher query that finds the node you are looking for and changes the value.

With neo4j explorer you don’t need to type any Cypher queries: Just use the filter, open the node and edit its labels, properties and relations in an easy-to-use web app.

This is a huge time-saver ideal for developers, system admins and 2nd level support personell.

Easy Deployment

neo4j explorer comes packed in a WAR file, so it is very easy to deploy to any Java application server (e.g. Apache Tomcat)!


  • Find/Filter Node(s) by label and property value
  • Create/Update/Delete
    • Nodes
    • Node labels
    • Node Properties
    • Relations between nodes
    • Relation properties
  • Clone nodes and relations
  • Autocomplete inputs to avoid typos

Watch the video above to see neo4j explorer in action!

Cypher Export

neo4j explorer now also comes with a very simple but handy feature to export nodes and relations to Cypher. This is not meant to be for entire database backups but rather to quickly copy some data from one database to another – something developers frequently need to do (e.g. test/demo data).