With the latest update we introduced a special new feature that lets group members post file-attachments on the group’s wall!

Simply drag & drop the files you wish to attach to your posting onto the designated area, write your message and submit everything.

Group members will get nice previews of images, can play audio and video files, open and download files using the download-icon underneath each file:

Special note: NETOOX has a built-in video platform that automatically converts each audio and video file you upload, so that these files can be played within the browser and without any Flash player or plugin! NETOOX audio and video files use state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, even work on iPhones, iPads, Android and other smart phones/tablets and there are NO annoying commercials overlaying or at the end of videos. Awesome!


The new NETOOX Audio/Video System is now also fully integrated into the group Wiki. So you can upload and embed A/V files there as well!