Today’s post is a summary of some of the new features in your NETOOX Online Swiss Army Knife.


Being one of the biggest new features, group admins can now manage a list of events. Group members can send out event invitations to address book entries. A special new placeholder was introduced that can be used in eMail templates and will be replaced by the event’s information upon eMail delivery. 

Also: Events can have file attachments which will be sent along with the outbound eMails (e.g. detailed description of event, hotel, how to get there, …).
In the eMail dialogs (single or mass mail) you can select which event you wish to have inserted. NETOOX will even adjust the times according to the timezone settings of the event and the recipients!

Country in Recruiting Forms

Leads can now also select their home country in all NETOOX recruiting forms (embedded forms and NETOOX homepage designs). This new field is also pre-selected according to the visitor’s origin. Knowing the country of a new lead can, for example, help determine the correct phone number if no country code has been given!

Address Book: vCard & QR-Code

Now you can download a vCard file (.vcf) of any contact from your address book and even scan a special QR-Code with your smart phone to quickly get the contact info into your phone’s address book!

Invoicing: Read Receipt

All users of the „Invoicing“ module will appreciate this new little helper: NETOOX now automatically requests a „disposition notification“ (= read receipt) when sending invoices to customers.

Custom Mail Signature Text

As you already know, NETOOX automatically generates eMail signatures for outgoing mails based on your profile data. Now you can also add some custom text to eMail signatures!

Remember: Use the „My (business/product) signature“ placeholder in eMail templates to have NETOOX replace it with your personal profile image, contact information and (new) optional custom text.