UI Overview

1) Top Bar

Left: Main Menu, Connection Info, License Info (Trial/Pro)
You can assign a DB name and top-bar background color in the Preferences

Right: Disconnect Button

2) Filter

From left to right: Labels Menu, Cypher Query, Search Button, Bookmarks, Undo History
Details: Filter

3) Breadcrumbs

Active node editors, Bookmarks, CQL
Details: Breadcrumbs

4) Search Result

Multi-page list of nodes matching the filter query.
Details: Search Result

5) Node Editors

Multiple, horizontally aligned node editors each showing the node’s data and relationships.
Details: Node Editor

Dark Mode

Use the main menu (3-dots icon at top left corner of the window) to switch between light or dark mode or to use your OS preference.

Online Help

Links to online help pages can be found throughout the app as small blue circles with questionmarks help