There are 2 very easy ways of getting neo4j Commander up and running:


1. In the Browser: Chrome Extension

In a Chromium based browser, open neo4j Commander on the Chrome Webstore and add/install the extension to your browser.

emoji_objectsTip: Pin the extension to the browser’s top bar for easy access.

Click the extension icon to open a handy popup which lets you create new and jump to open neo4j Commander tabs.

The extension will be updated automatically by your browser whenever there is a new version available. You might need to close all neo4j commander tabs and/or the browser for the latest version of the extension to become available.


2. In Neo4j Desktop

Get neo4j Desktop…

Inside of neo4j Desktop: Paste the following URL into the “Install” field on the “Graph Applications” tab:

Start neo4j Commander by clicking the little blue “OPEN” button in the “Graph Apps” list or from the dropdown menu of the “Open” button of a database.

neo4j Commander also reacts to connect/disconnect events you perform inside of Neo4j Desktop and automatically connects to the active DB.