Using the filter at the top of the page, you can find nodes based on a Cypher MATCH statement like:

MATCH (n:Label) WHERE'value' RETURN n

Enter a query using the Cypher query language and RETURN one or more nodes.

You can get a quick query statement matching a label by clicking the label button label and then one of the labels in your DB. This inserts a default query and selects the WHERE portion so you can easily hit the delete key and and CTRL-ENTER to find ALL nodes based on the selected label.

If you know the node’s ID (=neo4j internal object ID), you can simply enter the ID in the query field without any Cypher statement. You can also enter multiple IDs separated by comma(s) to quickly open a set of nodes.

Execute the query by clicking the search button search or hitting CTRL-ENTER in the query field.

You can save and recall frequently used queries as bookmarks by pressing the bookmarks icon.

Your search history can be viewed – and searches recalled – from the History menu history

Create Node

You can create a new node using the “Create Node” option from the main menu (3 dots in the top left corner of the neo4j Commander window).