This is one of the most poweful features of neo4j Commander and has proven to be a real lifesaver in daily data management tasks:

neo4j Commander keeps an undo history for these operations:

  • Changes to nodes (labels & properties)
  • Changes to relationships (properties)
  • Node deletion
  • Relationship deletion

You can perform a quick UNDO directly from the info-snackbar shown at the bottom of the screen after saving changes.


To undo other/previous operations, click the undo button undo in the filter area and pick an entry from the undo history.

Note 1: Selecting an operation to UNDO from the undo history will only undo that single change but not any changes that occurred after.

Note 2: When DETACH DELETEing a node, all attached relationships will be deleted along with it. Undoing a node deletion re-creates the node and all relationships.

Note 3: Undoing a delete operation will re-create nodes/relationships and their data but the DB will assign new & different IDs.

Note 4: The undo history is not persisted in any way and only available in the browser as long as the browser window/tab is open.