In the right column of each node editor are the relationships connected to the (left) node. The total number of relationships is shown at the top.

Since one node can possibly have many thousands of relationships with other nodes, this list is by default limited to 10 but you can change this limit to show more if required.

To find a certain relationship, the list can be filtered:

  • TYPE ... relationship type (all uppercase letters)
  • !TYPE ... NOT (all relationships except TYPE)
  • < ... all incoming relationships
  • > ... all outgoing relationships
  • <TYPE ... incoming relationships of a certain TYPE
  • <!TYPE ... incoming relationships NOT of TYPE
  • >TYPE ... outgoing relationships of a certain TYPE
  • >!TYPE ... outgoing relationships NOT of TYPE
  • -- ...  (=1 or 2 minus characters) relationships connecting the left and right node
  • ID ... relationship or connected node id
  • Cypher query ... r = relationship, b = other node
    e.g: exists(r.rating)
  • ORDER BY ... change the order of the relationships
    e.g: id(r) ... order by the relationship's ID (default)
    e.g: DESC ... order by the name property of the connected node in descending order

The list of relationships shows the relationship type, direction and a property (see Preferences) on the left and a preview of the related node (avatar, label, property) on the right.

You can edit the properties of a relationship by clicking the left area, and you can open the related node to the right by clicking on the right area.

The properties editor for a relationship works in the same way as the properties editor of a node.

Shortest Path

If you have 2 nodes next to each other that are NOT directly connected BUT connected in the graph - i.e. if there is a path from the left node to the right node - then you can click the "X nodes between" button to open the path.

Refresh / Delete Relationship

Refresh the properties from the DB with the refresh button refresh.
The neo4j Commander PRO version also has the auto-refresh feature for relationships.

Close the relationship properties editor with the close button close.

Save changes with the SAVE button and delete the relationship with the DELETE button.

Also see UNDO

Create Relationship

Relationships connecting the 2 adjacent nodes are highlighted with a colored background.

emoji_objectsTip: To find relationships connecting the 2 adjacent nodes, type 2 minus characters "--" into the relationship filter.

You can create a new relationship between two adjacent nodes by entering the relationship type (all UPPERCASE letters) in the form underneath the list and clicking on one of the direction buttons arrow_back arrow_forward