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neo4j Commander

for Neo4j Desktop, Community Server and Enterprise Server

Navigate, Edit, Calculate, Undo, Export & much more


neo4j Commander lets you

  • Navigate the graph
  • View nodes and relationships and all of their data
  • Edit labels and properties of nodes and relationships
  • Create and delete nodes and relationships
  • Use – and convert between – all datatypes of neo4j, including temporal and spatial types as well as arrays
  • It comes with a handy buil-in calculator for numerical values to evaluate Javascript and Cypher
  • a full-screen, multi-line text/code editor with syntax highlighting for Markup, Markdown, JSON and more
  • a special node merger
  • and a data exporter for JSON and Cypher in various formats

You get a complete UNDO-History for operations like label and property changes of nodes and relations and even node and relationship deletion.

You also get a handy query historybookmakrs for editor setups you need frequently, a very useful Export feature and preferences to set your favorite labels, properties and avatars for keeping a clear view on your data.

Installation on any web server is as simple as unzipping a file OR run it nicely integrated in neo4j Desktop.

Its fully responsive UI can be used on all devices and form factors in all current web browsers.


What's inside:
Instant download of the latest version
for installation on your webserver (.zip) AND use inside of neo4j Desktop (.tgz)
plus all upcoming updates of the 2.x edition (Perpetual License)!

PRO: Purchase 1 License per User
Premium: Includes 5 User Licenses
For bulk licensing please contact us!


Free Version v2.5.2 (2020-11-09)

You can also install the free version in neo4j Desktop from the Graph Apps Gallery
or by pasting this URL into the "Install" field on the "Graph Applications" tab:

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Questions, Bugs, Feature-Requests?

Please write to – THANK YOU!

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