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neo4j Commander 3 Logo

neo4j Commander 3

for neo4j Desktop, Community Server & Enterprise Server

Query, Edit, Clone, Merge, Calculate, Undo, Bookmarks, Export and much more

neo4j commander on various devices

check_circle Features

  • Commander Queries - The fastest way to find nodes and relationships
  • Navigate the graph
  • View nodes and relationships and all of their data
  • Edit labels and properties of nodes and relationships
  • Create and delete nodes and relationships
  • Supports all datatypes of neo4j, including temporal and spatial types plus all types of arrays & datatype conversion
  • Handy built-in calculator for numerical values with calculations based on node/relationship properties
  • Text/Code editor with syntax highlighting for Markup, Markdown, JSON and more
  • Easily merge nodes
  • Export data in various JSON and Cypher formats
  • UNDO-History for label/property changes and even node/relationship deletion
  • Query-History
  • Bookmarks for DB connections, queries, and editors you need frequently
  • Preferences to set your favorite labels, properties and avatars for keeping a clear view on your data
  • Runs as a Chrome Extension in your browser or nicely integrated in neo4j Desktop
  • Fully responsive UI can be used on all devices and form factors
try before you buy
$ € CHF
  • 2 Node Editors
  • Undo last operation
  • Syntax-Highlighting Text Editor
$ € CHF
One-time fee! *
  • Commander Queries
  • Unlimited Node Editors
  • Unlimited Undo Operations
  • Calculator (Cypher Eval)
  • Array Editor
  • Unlimited Bookmarks
  • Unlimited Cypher Export
  • Node Avatars
  • Shortest Path
  • Perpetual License
5x PRO
$ € CHF
One-time fee! *
  • 5 PRO licenses for your company at a discounted price
  • Your (company) name & logo listed on the web site
  • You help fund the development of new features
  • Extra espresso shots for the devs
  • A special treat for the office doggo 🐶
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What’s inside:

*) License for use in one browser (Chrome Extension) or once in neo4j Desktop
plus all upcoming updates of the 3.x edition (Perpetual License)!

PRO: Purchase 1 License per User
Premium: Includes 5 User Licenses
For bulk licensing please contact us!

Order/Payment: By clicking the “Get PRO”/“Get Premium” buttons above, you will be redirected to our payment provider SendOwl where you can enter your invoicing data and complete the online payment. As soon as your payment was successfully processed, you will receive our invoice and the license code(s) per email. Make sure to enter the correct email addres in the checkout process!

Install Chrome Extension

For Chromium based desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and more:

Install in neo4j Desktop

From the main menu bar on the left open the "Graph Apps" tab.

Install neo4j Commander 3 from the "Graph Apps Gallery"
paste the following URL into the "Install - File or URL" field:


Questions, Bugs, Feature-Requests?

Please write to office@netbizltd.com - THANK YOU!

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